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Past Issues of Adsum, the newsletter of Mater Dei Seminary

Seminary Newsletter Archives:

  • November 2017:

    Upcoming Ordinations on Dec. 12th at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church: Preparations for Retreat. Remembrance in Your Prayers for our Seminarians: 30th Anniversary of Mater Dei Academy. Reflection upon the Four Last Things: Why Do We Pray For the Dead? Moral Theology: The Virtue of Veracity

  • October 2017

    100th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions at Fatima: We Must Live the Message of Our Lady. Daily Rosary, Prayer and Sacrifice for Poor Sinners. Importance of Modesty in Dress and Behavior: the Great Apostasy and Crisis in the Church. Christopher Columbus: Devout Catholic, Great Discoverer. Moral Theology: The Effects of the Mass: Mass Stipends

  • September 2017: 

    Seminarians and boarder boys witness total eclipse of the sun: Reminder of the wonderful world the good God has created: August 5, the feast of Our Lady of the Snow, Brother Aloysius Hartman, CMRI took his first vows as a religious and Brother Louis Marie, CMRI (Christopher Peck of Indiana) became a novice brother. Denis McGuire (Connecticut) recieved the Clerical Tonsure on August 16, feast of St. Joachim. Mater Dei Seminary begins its 28th year of classes on September 8. Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel composed by Pope Leo XIII. Moral Theology: Injustice in Reference to Intermediate Goods.

  • August 2017:

    Consecration of our parishes to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: Act of Consecration for those who wish to join with our priests: consecrate your families. Message of Our Lady of Fatima: 117 girls in attendance for girls’ camp followed by 41 boys for boys’ camp: biannual priests’ meeting. Final vows of two religious seminarians- Frater Augustine Walz (Wisconsin) and Frater Philip Davis (Colorado). Moral Theology: Buying and Selling

  • July 2017:

    St. Maria Goretti, example for our Catholic youth: Our Lady’s words at Fatima during July apparition: Boys’ and Girls’ Camps: Biannual Priests’ Meeting. The Harmony and Consistency of the Teaching of the Catholic Church on Baptism of Desire. Origin of St. Anthony Guide. Moral Theology: Sharing Our Good Works, Especially Holy Communion, With Others: Eucharistic Fast

  • June 2017:

    Public chanting of the Litany of the Saints; Novena in preparation for feast of Pentecost. Importance of prayer especially in the life of priests and seminarians: Upcoming priest and religious retreat. Words of Wisdom from the Golden Rule or the Book for All: St. Thomas Aquinas on the Feast of Corpus Christi. Moral Theology: The Virtue of Piety.

  • May 2017:

    Ordinations at Mater Dei Seminary took place on May 11th, the Feast of Sts. Philip and James. Bestowal of the first clerical tonsure and investiture with the surplice. The conferral of the minor orders of exorcist and acolyte. The major orders of the subdiaconate and the diaconate. Moral Theology: Drunkenness, a sin against sobriety.

  • April 2017:

    Easter greetings: Holy Week ceremonies: Palm Sunday, the chanting of Tenebrae, Mass of the Chrism with blessing of Holy Oils, Mass of the Last Supper with washing of feet, sacred liturgy on Good Friday, and Easter Vigil. Liturgical training for seminarians as future priests. Upcoming bestowal of clerical tonsure and major and minor orders. April the month of the Blessed Sacrament. Church blessing in Harmony, MN on the feast of St. Joseph. Josef Weissenteiner recieves the minor orders of porter and lector. Moral Theology: Hearing Mass over the Radio.

  • March 2017:

    Visit of Josef Weissensteiner, our Austrian seminarian studying under Fr. Abrahamovicz. Ordination to the minor orders of Porter and Lector. Update on our missions in the Philippines and assistance of these missions through the St. Francis Xavier Missionary Fund. Upcoming blessing of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Harmony, MN on the feast of St. Joseph. Prayers for Vocations. A review of the Catholic teaching on baptism of blood and desire. Moral Theology: The Virtue of Abstinence.

  • February 2017:

    Prayers for the repose of the soul of Walter Anthony Pivarunas, the father of the bishop. Requiem Mass and funeral ceremonies in Chicago: buried at St. Casimir Lithuanian Catholic Cemetery. Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes: new seminarian from Canada, Christian Pawlowski, is received as a CMRI postulant. Formation of a house of study in Colorado for religious seminarians. Three young ladies received as novice sisters into the Congregation of the Mother of God (CMD). Fr. Leo Heinrichs, the martyr of Denver. Moral Theology: Mass Stipends.

  • January 2017:

    Pastoral visit to Guadalajara: recent ordinations to major and minor orders of Carmelite religious. Conference on religious life: the Sisters of the Divine Providence. Administration of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Observations on the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Upcoming bi-annual priests’ meeting. Moral Theology: Gifts on the Occasion of an Invalid Marriage; the Special Efficacy of a High Mass.

  • December 2016:

    Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe; ordinations to minor orders (Stephen Sandquist, Tien Le, Jeremy Saunders, Bradley Parker, Frater Philip Davis, CMRI) and subdiaconate (Frater Augustine Walz, CMRI). Moral Theology: Catholic Baptism; Church Fast and the Eucharistic Fast.

  • November 2016:

    Recent Fatima Conference: Bishop Davila and some of the Trento priests visit to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Bishop Pivarunas. Fr. Alexander Kryssov visits seminary and gives conference on ecclesiastical history. Upcoming ordinations to minor and major orders on Dec. 12th. St. Francis Xavier Misson Fund. Review of Pope Pius XI’s Encyclical on Atheistic Communism. Moral Theology: Quantity of Wine for Mass; Preservation of Altar Breads.

  • October 2016:

    25th anniversary of the ordinations of Fr. Gerard McKee, CMRI, Fr. Daniel Perez, Fr. James Thielen, and also of the death of Bishop Moises Carmona. St. Therese Church in O’Neill, Nebraska, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Conciliar Church to celebrate 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. A few of the heretical and blasphemous quotes of Martin Luther. Moral Theology: Restitution Because of Damnification.

  • September 2016:

    25th anniversary of the consecration of Bishop Mark Pivarunas, CMRI, to the episcopacy; Bishop Carmona’s letter offering to consecrate a CMRI priest; election of Bishop Pivarunas and his curriculum vitae; explanation of his coat of arms. Moral Theology: Requirements to be a sponsor for Baptism.

  • August 2016:

    25th anniversary of the blessing of Mary Immaculate Church in Omaha; biannual priests’ meeting, CMRI priests’ Diet; feasts of martyrs in August. Moral Theology: Validity of Confession; Imposing a Merely Internal Work as Penance.

  • July 2016:

    Fr. Nino Molina returns from Philippines; Fra. Alphonsus Maria, CMRI, renews his vows; first Solemn High Mass of Fr. Timothy Geckle; Fra. Francis Crawford, CMRI, chants the Gospel for the first time. The Pope Speaks: Excerpts from Cux Ex Apostolatus. Moral Theology: Separation of Siamese Twins; Representations of the Sacred Heart.

  • June 2016:

    Ordinations at Mater Dei Seminary: Fr. Timothy Geckle is ordained to the priesthood. Also Frater Francis Crawford receives the Diaconate, Frater Augustine Walz receives the Minor Order of Acolyte, and five seminarians receive Clerical Tonsure. Moral Theology: Proximate Matter of Baptism; How Soon Must Infants Be Baptized?

  • May 2016:

    Ordinations at Mater Dei Seminary: Fr. Timothy Geckle is ordained to the priesthood. Also Frater Francis Crawford receives the Diaconate, Frater Augustine Walz receives the Minor Order of Acolyte, and five seminarians receive Clerical Tonsure. Moral Theology: Proximate Matter of Baptism; How Soon Must Infants Be Baptized?

  • April 2016:

    From the Rector: Upcoming ordinations in May; blessing of new church in Salem, New Hampshire; April, Month of the Blessed Sacrament. Photos of Holy Week at Mary Immaculate Church in Omaha; blessing of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Salem, New Hampshire; Mater Dei Academy archery team. Moral Theology: Purpose of Amendment.

  • March 2016:

    From the Rector: St. Joseph and Vocations. The Authenticity of St. Mark’s Gospel Proved by the Dead Sea Scrolls – by a Seminarian. Moral Theology: Hearing Mass Over the Radio.

  • February 2016:

    From the Rector: Thoughts on the Holy Season of Lent. The Authenticity of St. Mark’s Gospel Proved by the Dead Sea Scrolls – by a Seminarian. On Fostering Vocations to the Priesthood – Pope Pius XI. Moral Theology: Surgery for the Healthy.

  • January 2016:

    The blessings of Christmas (Christ + Mass) for a priest; Letter of the Coeur d’Alene Indians to Pope Pius IX. Moral Theology: Funeral Services for an Unbaptized Infant; Confessins of Sins Committed Before Baptism.

  • December 2015:

    Photos of ordination of Rev. Fr. Robert Letourneau to the ordination and of Frater Francis Crawford, CMRI, to the subdiaconate. Moral Theology: Viaticum to a Child; Permission to Use Confessional Knowledge.

  • November 2015:

    Letter from the Rector – upcoming ordinations on Dec. 12, comments on the “papal” visit of Francis and the Synod on the Family. Photos of blessing of St. Theresa’s Church in Maine. Definition of a Priest. Why Do We Pray for the Dead? by Fr. John A. O’Brien. Moral Theology: Confession of Theft, Dispositions of Penitent.

  • October 2015:

    Letter from the Rector – Reflections on the Patroness of Mater Dei Seminary, Mary, the Mother of God. St. Therese of Lisieux, Excerpts from Her Writings. What Popes Say About the Rosary. Moral Theology: Confirmation of a Retarded Child.

  • September 2015:

    26th year of classes at Mater Dei Seminary begins; blessing of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Rosamond, California. Apocalypse of St. John – Excerpts from a Commentary by Rev. E. Syvester Berry, 1921. Moral Theology: Conditions for an Indulgence, Permission to Substitute the Scapular Medal for the Cloth Scapular.

  • August 2015:

    Bi-annual priests’ meetings; summer camps for children; blessing of the new school in Burlington, Colorado; preparing for the new academic year for both school and seminary. St. Philomena, Virgin and Martyr. Moral Theology: Disposal of the Poor Box Receipts, Disappearance of Library Books.

  • July 2015:

    Upcoming bi-annual priests’ meetings; priests in other countries; commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision on gay “marriage” and the Synod on the Family. Constantine’s Gift of the Lateran Palace to the Pope. Moral Theology: Marriage at Mass Prescribed, Interference in a Proposed Marriage.

  • June 2015:

    Seminary year comes to an end; cosmology in practice at the seminary; Corpus Christi, Minor Orders, First Vows of Bro. Alphonsus Maria, CMRI. The Final Resting Place of St. Peter (from A Pilgrim Walks in Rome by P. J. Chandlery, S.J.). Moral Theology: Dishonesty in a Public Employee.

  • May 2015:

    Minor orders and commencement ceremonies as the scholastic and school years come to an end at Mater Dei Seminary and Mater Dei Academy; groundbreaking for new school in Burlington; Fr. Nino Molina returns to Philippines; celebration of the 25th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Ephrem Marie, Cordova, CMRI. Moral Theology: Preaching the Efficacy of Perfect Contrition, Attendance at Billy Graham’s Services.

  • April 2015:

    Visit from Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz; Josef Weissensteiner (Italy) receives Clerical Tonsure; upcoming ordination to the diaconate of Rev. Timothy Geckle (Ohio) and Rev. Robert Letourneau (Boston). Photos: group photo of Fr. Floriano Abrahamowicz and new cleric, Josef Weissensteiner; first vows of CMD Sisters. The Last Resting-Places of the Apostles and Evangelists. Moral Theology: Problem on the Eucharistic Fast; The Purpose of Amendment.

  • March 2015:

    March 12 is the 25th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Ephrem Marie, Cordova, CMRI; recent deaths of Dr. Patrick Hughes, MD — the father of Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI, and Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI); and also the loss of Mrs. Emily Radecki — the mother of Fr. Francisco Radecki, CMRI and Fr. Dominic Radecki, CMRI; upcoming ordinations, CMD Sisters’ vows, groundbreaking of new school; March, the month of St. Joseph. Your Cross by St. Francis de Sales; A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship (St. Joseph’s Stairs in New Mexico) by a seminarian. Moral Theology: The Precious Five-Dollar Bill.

  • February 2015:

    Candlemas ceremonies; seminarians prepare for Pontifical High Mass of Ash Wednesday; practices for the solemn liturgies of Holy Week; pious practices to help keep the spirit of Lent. Acquisition of Statue of St. Philomena. Excerpts from The Life of Father Pro by Rev. M.D. Forrest, M.S.C. Moral Theology: The Absolution of a Recidivist; An Inheritance for Masses.

  • January 2015:

    Pontifical High Mass on the Feast of the Epiphany (photo); comments on the “Synod on the Family”; radical statements and actions of Francis make universal apostasy more apparent; upcoming biannual priests’ meeting in Spokane; imitating the Holy Magi. Photos of recent ordinations, First Vows of Brother Thomas Lawrence, CMRI. Moral Theology: Frequent Communion of the Sick; Obligation to Hear a Complete Mass.

  • December 2014:

    Our newly acquired church, St. Mary’s in Rockville, Nebraska; Indulgences — Our Hidden Treasures. Moral Theology: Sunday Morning Confessions.

  • November 2014:

    The high altar at St. Mary’s in Rockville, Nebraska (photo); renovation and solemn blessing of our newly acquired church in Rockville; considerations for the holy season of Advent. St. Francis Xavier Patron Saint of Foreign Missions. Moral Theology: Dispensation of a Deacon.

  • October 2014:

    Ordination of Rev. Timothy Geckle to the Diaconate; The Life of St. Gabriel, Passionist. Moral Theology: Honesty in Sports.

  • September 2014:

    The Vocation to the Priesthood; The Life of St. Gabriel, Passionist. Moral Theology: Honesty in Sports.

  • August 2014:

    The feasts of the Assumption and the Immaculate Heart of Mary; photos of the blessing of St. Theresa Church in Lebanon, Ohio, the girls’ summer camp. Moral Theology: Choosing a Particular Priest to Officiate at a Wedding.

  • July 2014:

    Silver Jubilee of the ordination of Fr. Brendan Hughes, CMRI; Excerpts from Pastoral Letter “Modesty in Dress.” Moral Theology: Preparing for the Worst.

  • June 2014:

    The Gifts of the Holy Ghost; Clerical Tonsure, Triennial Vows, Reception of Habit; St. Thomas Aquinas on the Feast of Corpus Christi. Moral Theology: Assistance at Mass in the “Crying Room,” Sunday Observance.

  • May 2014:

    An explanation of first clerical tonsure; photos of Holy Week, Rosary procession, graduates of Mater Dei Academy, Mater Dei Archery team wins state championship. Moral Theology: Conditional Baptism of Dying Non-Catholics.

  • April 2014:

    The ordinations of Fr. Anthony Short, CMRI, and Fr. Nino Molina at Mater Dei Seminary on the feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 2014. Moral Theology: Drinking Cocoa on a Fast Day; A Malted Milk or Milk Shake on a Fast Day.

  • March 2014:

    Comments on the recent statements of Bergoglio; The Martyr of Denver: Fr. Leo Heinrichs. Moral Theology: A Forgotten Sin.

  • February 2014:

    Comments on the recent scandalous statements of Bergoglio; The Martyr of Denver: Fr. Leo Heinrichs. Moral Theology: A Forgotten Sin.

  • January 2014:

    The faith of the Magi; the feast of the Purification; a contemporary miracle (the incorrupt body of St. Bernardette). Moral Theology: The Occult Reception of the Sacraments; An Invalidly Married Teacher.